Redbox is America’s destination to watch new movies and free ad-supported movies & television. Redbox was looking for a solution to manage the program scheduling for their FAST channels and streamline the data input required into Amagi‚Äôs Cloudport channel playout platform.

The Problem

The scheduling workflows were manual, time consuming and complex. Creating high-quality program schedules that prioritise the higher quality titles, efficiently utilise the rights windows and the number of plays while also complying with platform rules such as certificate restrictions and the maximum commercial minutes per hour requires a lot of manual resources, including skill, knowledge, and time.


Virtual AI was able to offer Redbox the Op2mise solution, a revolutionary channel management tool powered by the Virtual AI artificial intelligence platform. The AI driven technology and algorithms take a data-driven approach to generating schedules that reflect the channel characteristics and business requirements. The solution optimises the title utilisation, prioritisation, distribution, and the placement of ad breaks for FAST channels, which in turn maximises revenue. Op2mise was implemented within 4 weeks using Virtual AI’s lightouch on-boarding process making it easy for Redbox. Op2mise is a cloud-based SaaS product that runs on the highly scalable and secure AWS infrastructure.


Redbox have been able to fully streamline (and automate) its program scheduling workflows and maximise the revenue opportunities on their channels through the automated placement of the ad breaks.

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